Central Unit

The role of the Central PPP Unit in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform is to facilitate the PPP process centrally, by developing the general policy framework (including, where necessary, the legal framework) within which PPPs operate and by providing central guidance to Departments and other State authorities in that context. A full suite of guidance has been published to facilitate the PPP process and is available on this website in the Key Documents folder. The guidance dovetails with the  Public Spending Code which is also available under the Guidance (other) section of this website.

The Central PPP Unit also chairs a high level Steering Committee which oversees progress on the PPP projects announced in the recent Government Stimulus Initiative. (News) The remitt of the Steering Committee is:

  • to ensure the correct projects are selected and that they can be progressed in a timely manner
  • to establish milestones and delivery targets for the projects
  • to identify ways to streamline PPP processes
  • to prepare project reports for Government