Comptroller and Auditor General Annual Reports

The role of the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) is to provide independent assurance that public money is properly managed and spent to good effect and to contribute to improvements in public administration. C&AG Website

The role of the office is to:

  • audit and report on the accounts of public bodies
  • establish that transactions of public bodies are in accordance with the legal authorities governing them and that funds are applied for the purposes intended
  • provide assurance on the system of internal financial control put in place by each body
  • examine whether each body administers its resources economically and efficiently and has mechanisms in place to evaluate the effectivness of operations
  • authorise the release of funds from the Exchequer for purposes permitted by law

In implementing this mandate account is taken of the special considerations which attach to the management of public funds including the requirements of probity and sound corporate governance.

Recent chapters on PPP’s included in the C&AG Annual Reports are:

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Chapter 6 of the 2011 Annual Report

Chapter 6 of the 2010 Annual Report

Chapter 5 of the 2009 Annual Report

Chapter 4 of the 2008 Annual Report